Winter Garden Health Care Surrogate Lawyer

One of the major areas of concern as we grow older is ensuring that our wishes regarding health care are respected. There are several ways to make sure that your wishes are known and followed, including:

  • Health care surrogates — Naming someone as your health care surrogate gives that person the power to make health care decisions for you should you become incapacitated. Unfortunately, if you do not make such a designation, the decision-making power does not automatically transfer to someone else like a wife or husband. You have to take affirmative steps to enjoy the peace of mind that someone of your choosing will be making health care decisions for you.
  • Living wills — A living will is technically referred to as an advance medical directive. This document is used to express, while you are able, your choices regarding future medical care. This document typically focuses on end-of-life care decisions, but it can be used for more specific choices such as a decision to for go blood transfusions.

Having the right attorney to guide you can help you get the greatest advantage from designating a health care surrogate and from a living will.

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At the Law Office of Eric S. Mashburn, P.A., we are skilled at helping our clients clearly identify their wishes regarding future health care and putting in place all necessary documentation to ensure those wishes are respected. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and confidence that should it ever be necessary, the right choices are made for you. Attorney Eric S. Mashburn has been honing his estate planning skills for over 38 years. His exceptional experience and skill helps our clients accomplish all of their estate planning goals.

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To ensure that your wishes regarding future health care decisions are known and that you have someone you can trust looking after you, assign a health care surrogate and create a living will. To learn more about the advantages of these documents, turn to the experienced Winter Garden health care surrogate attorneys of the Law Office of Eric S. Mashburn, P.A. Call 1-407-656-1576 for a no-cost phone consultation. We can also be reached through our online contact form.