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A special needs trust allows you to provide support to a loved one who is receiving some form of government benefit such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Medicaid without interfering with that person's eligibility for those benefits. The eligibility for many of those programs is based on income and assets. This can make providing for that loved one's needs challenging. You want to help, but you do not want to make him or her ineligible for whatever benefits he or she is relying on.

Special needs trusts provide an avenue by which you can provide for that loved one without interfering with his or her ability to receive the benefits he or she deserves.

Many of the people whom we help with special needs trusts have always been there for their disabled loved one. A special needs trust ensures that you are able to continue to provide for that loved one far into the future.

Providing Security For Your Loved Ones

At the Law Office of Eric S. Mashburn, P.A., we offer highly skilled estate planning services that can ensure that you are able to help your loved ones without disqualifying them from vital benefits. Special needs trusts can be arranged as part of a larger estate plan or as a stand-alone item. We will look at the larger picture of your estate and work to integrate any special needs trust in the most effective and efficient manner. Attorney Eric S. Mashburn has more than 38 years of estate planning experience. His experience helps ensure that we provide our clients with the exceptional representation they deserve.

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