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Durable powers of attorney are a key element to any effective estate plan. Durable powers of attorney appoint individuals to take on certain decision-making powers for you should particular circumstances occur such as becoming incapacitated by illness or injury. Some of the decisions that fall to that person can include:

  • Financial decisions
  • Insurance claims

It is helpful to think of durable powers of attorney as insurance against having to go through the guardianship process if you become incapacitated. By appointing someone now, no one will have to go through the challenging process of being appointed as guardian later. Securing a durable power of attorney offers many advantages over guardianships, including:

  • Cost
  • Stress

By taking the initiative to empower someone with a durable power of attorney, you are able to choose who that person will be. Once you have been incapacitated, the court may decide that the best person to look after your interests is someone you would not have chosen.

Helping You Build A Secure Future

At the Law Office of Eric S. Mashburn, P.A., we offer our clients the most direct and efficient means of achieving their estate planning goals. Drafting a durable power of attorney allows individuals to avoid stress and difficulty while retaining the power of choosing who will take care of their affairs in their own hands rather than a judge. Attorney Eric S. Mashburn relies on more than 38 years of estate planning experience in the Winter Garden area to help our firm build the most effective estate plans for our clients.

Recent Changes To Florida Law

Recent changes to Florida law governing durable powers of attorney have weakened the utility of some powers of attorney that already exist. Come in for an analysis and any necessary updates to ensure that your durable powers of attorney still accomplish your goals.

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